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sliding-contractorsAs a Pennsylvania siding contractor for over 30 years, we know siding! From vinyl siding to aluminum siding, we are the siding installers you can trust to take the needed pride in your house as you do to ensure a beautifully finished product that will last for years. When other siding installers cuts corners to save time, we cut with precision so that our Pennsylvania siding looks perfect far away and up close.

Our siding installers are not laborers, but professional installers. So don’t trust your Pennsylvania siding to just anyone with a tool belt, when you can have a siding contractor with 30 Years’ experience in making homes beautiful!

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Vinyl Siding

vinyl-slidingVinyl siding is the number one choice for exterior cladding and it carries the lowest total installation cost, as well as, the lowest maintenance cost of any exterior cladding with hundreds of colors to choose from, you can quickly and cost effectively change the exterior look of your home.

Strong, durable, and fade resistant; today’s vinyl siding is not the vinyl siding of just a few years ago. Stronger than ever. More beautiful than ever. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice of home owners.

Since your vinyl siding is going to last for years, shouldn’t you choose a contractor that has been in business for years? Celebrating 30 years as a General Contractor is not just a milestone, but a guarantee!

Energy Efficient Siding

seamless-guttersSiding over time can develop leaks, warp, crack or dent, all of which can affect the integrity of your home. Modern technology has enhanced the quality of siding. Insulated vinyl is energy efficient thus reducing your energy costs and protecting your home from Mother Nature’s elements. An additional benefit of insulated vinyl siding is that it is impact-resistant, resisting strikes from objects that would crack traditional siding. A contractor from J. Parker Contracting can help save you money month after month by installing energy efficient siding.

I am sure you have many questions about quality, colors, time to install, and cost. Please call me at (215) 837-9135 and we’ll set up a time to sit down and answer all your questions without any pressure to buy.

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